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Sydney Sharkscreenshot of sydney shark game

Fans of realism look away now: Sydney Shark contains scenes of catastrophic violence, gore, explosions, and sharks pulling airborne vessels out of the sky. Wage a one-sided war against the New South Wales state capital by jumping out of the water and savaging everything and everyone in your reach.

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Medieval Sharkscreenshot of medieval shark game

Modern-day sharks are so last decade, wouldn't you agree? Medieval Shark would, and Early-Modern Period sharks are so six hundred years ago. Oh wait, they actually are, but luckily, Medieval Shark from Felix Wiesner allows us direct access to a flash-based representation of the murder and carnage that would likely have happened if a shark were to somehow get its teeth around a medieval settlement. Enjoy.

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New York Shark screenshot of new york shark game

From the Genii who brought us the sublime Aggressive Alpine Skiing comes a new form of water-based aggression that is infinitely more murder-heavy. If you're bored of the Miami-based destruction and are tiring of murder down under in Sydney Shark, then complete the traveller's trio with New York Shark, a side-scrolling action that lets a ravenous shark loose in New York waters. You can pronounce it "Nu Yoik" if you really have to. 

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Medieval Shark 2screenshot of Medieval Shark 2 game

We've had three great shark-based titles from Mausland Entertainment that took us on three destructive, murderous journeys through the cities of Miami, Sydney, and New York, and to add to the homicidal fun, we were given Medieval Shark, where we get to somehow swing an axe from the shark's head and encounter mythical beings for the sole purpose of destroying so many of them that they once again become creatures of myth and folklore, never to walk the flash-animated earth ever again. In spite of all this fun, I still find myself discontented, and not because these games weren't fun to play, but because they were so fun that not having any more of them seems like a crime against fun. A crime against fun is on the level of a hate crime, so in order to prevent such crime, or at least reduce its severity, jotted a few features that would be welcomed in a Medieval Shark 2, Early-Modern-Europe Shark, or whatever location or time period the next game will have us murdering in. 

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